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ONPASSIVE is a global AI technology company that develops marketing, CRM, and similar software. The company's headquarters is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, specifically in Burj Khalifa. The company has headquarters in the United States of America, India, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Egypt as well.
ONPASSIVE TUNISIA The ultimate suite of Business Solutions The company was founded in 2018 by Ashraf Al-Mufarreh. In September 2020, On Pacific opened its first facility in Hyderabad, India. In March 2022, On Pacific launched in Dubai with immersive takeovers across the city (Dubai Mall, Dubai Downtown, Bluewaters, Ain Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Sheikh Zayed Road, Box Park, City Walk, Al Khawaneej Park, Dubai Mall Reel Cinema, Dubai Mall Ice Rink, Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai Mall KidZania):

In April 2022, a dedicated campaign was launched to launch the UAE headquarters through an outdoor marketing campaign, including two displays on the Burj Khalifa, where their offices are located and extending to all prominent areas of Dubai, including displays in the Dubai Mall. The company also held four more forecasts in May 2022, and another one in June dedicated to founding members. In September, OnPacific launched its new headquarters in the UAE and launched the “O-Bless” crowdfunding platform.

In November 2022, OnPacif entered into a partnership with beIN Sports, which announced a record 5.4 billion views of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, to sponsor the UEFA Champions League and La Liga in Qatar. OnPacific has become part of a program that includes TV engagement, brand awareness and visibility across all beIN Sports channels, reaching 64 matches, 70 million TV subscribers and 40 million social media users. In November 2022, OnPacific launched its software products: “O-Mail”, “O-Net” and “O-Trim”. In January 2023, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority granted the naming rights to Al Safa Metro Station to On Pacific. For the next ten years, the station on the Red Line will be called En Passif In February 2023, Omedia (a subsidiary of On Pacific) signed an agreement with Best Moment Events (a concert organization company based in the United Arab Emirates) to organize a series of events and concerts for Arab celebrities in the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries. On Pacific participated in the Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs 2023, which was held on March 10 and 11 in Abu Dhabi and organized by the UAE Businesswomen Council. 350 delegates and representatives from forty countries participated in the forum, representing entrepreneurship institutions, economic institutions, women’s entrepreneurs’ councils, foreign labor resources councils, commercial attachés, and the Arab and foreign diplomatic corps, as well as representatives of women’s associations working in the country.

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We at ONPASSIVE offer business owners and entrepreneurs tools and applications based on AI technology that offer real-time, data-processed recommendations and activities, keeping them abreast of the swiftly advancing technological developments of the present. With frequent upgrades migrated to the cloud for convenient access to the newest features and functionalities, our highly adaptable and customized products and services ensure access to the most cutting-edge and sophisticated technology.
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Our main objective at ONPASSIVE is to assist businesses that strive to innovate by creating and introducing cutting-edge AI-powered technological solutions. Because everyone should have access to technology, we are dedicated to providing economically viable and straightforward solutions. Our AI-driven products are made to increase productivity, facilitate better decision-making, and streamline challenging business procedures.
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With our cutting-edge technology, we are dedicated to transforming conventional businesses into innovative and efficient entities well-equipped to face the challenges of the modern digital landscape. Our team is committed to helping businesses stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and delivering outstanding results that exceed expectations. At ONPASSIVE, we understand that every business is unique, so we provide tailor-made solutions to meet our client's specific needs.
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At ONPASSIVE, our priority is assisting you in achieving your objectives and laying the foundation for success. We are accountable for bringing your dreams to life using our cutting-edge technology and expertise. Our platform is based on integrity and transparency, and we're dedicated to giving our customers the highest possible level of security and privacy.