Branded Links. Shortest Way.

Know more about OTRIM

OTRIM is a custom URL shortener created by ONPASSIVE. It makes a URL easy to send, share, broadcast, and publicize on social media and other platforms. The tool is enriched with a unique capacity to shorten the URL link of the given website. The customization of the website URL in OTRIM is needed in today’s world. We often encounter websites with lengthy link addresses that sometimes get broken and lost in the plethora of website information. Here, OTRIM is handy and gets the job done by reducing the long URL into a small one. Also, it offers a smooth transition from one user to another that finally leads to a landing page on social media. OTRIM tracks URLs created by registered users and access the user’s location. It also allows adding an alias name to identify the shortened URL and helps users retrieve the original URL. Furthermore, OTRIM provides security for the shortened URL by sending an email authentication for sharing to external users, thereby increasing its efficiency and usage among the customer base.

Keep It Short and Simple

OTRIM is a URL shortener that can be an excellent tool for anyone looking to shorten their links for social media posting and other applications. OTRIM allows users to create custom short links with the company’s brand. It also allows the editing of already created links, which is not offered by every shortening tool. The shortened links can be shared on any significant social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest or LinkedIn. OTRIM is the best URL shortener to help ensure the links being used positively impact customers by providing that they work correctly so the user gets where they need to go. The links made by OTRIM will never expire, so you don’t have to worry about breaking links. All you’ll need to do is click on the button when you are on the page you want to turn into a smaller link. Then you can copy and paste it to where it needs to go.


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